Omni-channel capable Payment System

Take care of your customers in the retail shop,
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Omni-Channel capable Payment System

Integrated payment solutions for all distribution channels

We support your Omni-Channel concept perfectly. Our payment system enables your customers to make a completely seamless and stress-free payment process - from all terminals, whether online or stationary. We would be happy to help you develop a payment system for your shop that you can easily integrate into your online shop.

Digital solutions for the point of sale

POSeidon 24/7 Shopping Window

Studies show that consumers rate digital tools in offline trading as positive. Digital signage, for example, is becoming increasingly popular.

In most cases, however, digital signage is only used as an additional information channel. Its use for the actual purchasing processes is rare. Digital or interactive shop windows, as offered by heidelpay's subsidiary POSeidon, go one step further. Customers can search for product information in interactive shop windows, select it and place it in the shopping cart. The 24/7 shop window becomes a logical extension of the shop counter. heidelpay has patented its BeamBasket technology worldwide. The customer can scan a user-defined QR code and the system then "beams" the shopping cart onto the consumer's smartphone. The customer can then complete their purchase as usual via the smartphone using their preferred payment method. This next-generation technology brings traditional window shopping into the digital age and perfectly adapts to consumers' modern digital lifestyles.

POSeidon digital

Combines all advantages of online/mobile shopping with the advantages of stationary trade.