FlexiPay Invoice® -
secured purchase on
account from heidelpay

Integrate purchase on account as a payment method in
your online shop - simply, quickly and without risk.

  • Increase turnover & shopping baskets
  • 100% security against payment defaults
  • Checking customer creditworthiness in real time
  • Simple & fast White Label Integration
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FlexiPay invoice® - more turnover, fewer payment defaults

Popular with your customers, secure for your online shop.

How purchase on account with payment guarantee works

If a customer does not pay the due and commercially dunned claim within the agreed period of time, heidelpay will take over the payment claim and refund the merchant the full amount of the claim. Merchants only pay a transaction fee and a discount for this service. The service includes a credit check of all order enquiries, accounts receivable management including the dunning procedure as well as the existential protection against default for insecure payment methods.

FlexiPay® Verify&Pay RiskCheck - Intelligent creditworthiness and risk assessment

What is convenient and safe for your customers must remain calculable for you.

With FlexiPay® Verify&Pay you can integrate the secured purchase on account into your sales process without hesitation. The solution ensures that your customer is only offered payment options that match his credit rating. Our RiskCheck includes real-time checks of addresses, age and creditworthiness of online shoppers. This prevents potential purchase cancellations, which are common if the customer's chosen payment method is subsequently rejected due to a weak credit rating. Thus, conversion rate and customer satisfaction are constantly increased. On the basis of this credit check, we guarantee the payment and the time of payment is determined by you.

Connection of FlexiPay Invoice®

The integration of FlexiPay Invoice® into your existing shop system is done in the form of a white label solution. This way you remain in control of your customer relationship at all times. This step prevents purchase cancellations during the checkout process and contributes to an increase in turnover and long-term customer loyalty. Invoices are individually adapted to your design, so that service providers operating in the background are not visible.

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FlexiPay Invoice®

Your advantages with heidelpay

  • Increase in conversion rate, shopping cart values & sales
  • 100% protection against payment defaults
  • Range of payment methods matching the creditworthiness of the customer
  • Avoidance of media and consequently purchase cancellations thanks to white label integration
  • Seamless integration into the existing checkout process
  • With the heidelpay Intelligence Platform all transactions at a glance
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FlexiPay Invoice®: Product overview

White Label Solution
without visible third party suppliers

Deficiency insurance in the amount
of the invoice amount

Individually configurable and automated
Sending payment reminders

Completely customizable

Real-time check
the customer creditworthiness

Automatic transfer of open receivables
to our collection partner

Compensation of over-
and underpayments

Reliable identification
by risk takers

Available in
Germany & Austria

Simple partial cancellation
and credits

Simplified invoice assignment
for incorrect transfers

Available for the
most popular shop systems

Purchase on account - the most popular payment method in Germany

Indispensable for German e-commerce.

Whether e-commerce, m-commerce or point of sale, whether B2B or B2C - every merchant knows the problem: buyers expect the perfect range of payment methods.

Purchase on account is by far the most popular payment method in Germany and e-commerce is now unimaginable without it: around 50 percent of all online shoppers use it, provided it is offered*.  Online merchants who do not provide their customers with the procedure are threatened with a significantly higher purchase abandonment rate. Especially when selling goods that require visual and functional inspection, the payment option "purchase on account" should definitely be offered.

However, purchase on account is particularly risky, as there is an above-average number of payment defaults. Granted payment terms result in reduced liquidity and impair the success of the company. With our FlexiPay® solution you are completely protected against the risks of possible payment defaults and your payment method mix is optimised flexibly and individually for each customer. An Omni-Channel solution that works in all distribution channels.

Granting your buyers the option to pay on account not only improves their satisfaction, but above all increases your conversion rate. The integration of invoice purchasing into your online shop reduces the purchase abandonment rate by up to 80 percent** and increases the shopping basket volume and consequently the sales.

* Source: Ibi research, "Average decrease of the purchase abandonment rate when introducing these payment methods"

** Source: Study by Ibi Research: "Success factor payment", p. 6 *** Source: Study by Ibi Research: "Success factor payment", p. 7

FlexiPay Invoice®

Use the white label solution of heidelpay and enable your customers to pay by invoice. Without risk!

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