FlexiPay Instalment® -
the secured installment
purchase from heidelpay

Offer the installment purchase in your online shop

  •     Increase sales & shopping baskets
  •     100% security against payment defaults
  •     Individual interest level
  •     Simple & fast White Label Integration
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FlexiPay Instalment® - the turnover generator for your shop

Pay flexibly, increase turnover.

How instalment purchase with payment guarantee works

FlexiPay Instalment® offers your customers the option to pay for the purchased goods in your online shop or stationary trade simply and conveniently in instalments.
The secured installment purchase is fast, easy and secure - without the need for a time-consuming Post Ident procedure.

If a customer does not pay the due and commercially dunned debt within the agreed period of time, heidelpay takes over the loss of the debt and reimburses the merchant for the entire amount of the debt.

Dealers are of course allowed to charge their customers interest on the instalments. With FlexiPay Instalment® you have the possibility to individually determine the amount of the accrued interest - this is unique and only heidelpay offers you this. Besides the competitive advantage this offers you the chance to improve conversion and turnover.

FlexiPay® Verify&Pay RiskCheck - Intelligent credit and risk check

What is convenient and safe for your customers must remain calculable for you.

With FlexiPay® Verify&Pay you can integrate the secured instalment purchase into your sales process without hesitation. The solution ensures that your customer is only offered payment options that match his credit rating. Our RiskCheck includes real-time checking of addresses, age and creditworthiness of online shoppers. This prevents potential purchase cancellations, which are common if the customer's chosen payment method is subsequently rejected due to a weak credit rating. Thus, conversion rate and customer satisfaction are constantly increased. On the basis of this credit check, we guarantee the payment and the time of payment is determined by you.

Integration of FlexiPay Instalment® in your online shop

The connection of FlexiPay Instalment® to your shop system is quick and easy in the form of a white label solution. This avoids media breaks and you remain in control of your customer relationship at all times. This step prevents purchase cancellations during the checkout process and contributes to an increase in turnover and long-term customer loyalty.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding integration. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which installment purchase strategy you can use to optimize sales in your online shop.

FlexiPay Instalment®

Your advantages with heidelpay

  • Increase in conversion rate and number of new customers
  • Larger shopping baskets and higher sales
  • 100% protection against payment defaults thanks to credit assessment in real time
  • No Post Ident procedure necessary
  • Simple and fast white label integration
  • With the heidelpay Intelligence Platform all transactions at a glance
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FlexiPay Instalment® - This is what the solution from heidelpay offers you

Individually configurable: determine the interest rates yourself
Individually configurable: determine the interest rates yourself

The instalment purchase offers you as an online trader the possibility to adjust the interest rates yourself. In this way, you secure an essential component for generating turnover and maximum freedom of action. With FlexiPay Instalment®.

  • Individual determination of the interest level
  • Extending the payment mix to address the target group
  • Optimize purchase cancellations
Certified payment method: With the seal of approval, creating trust
Certified payment method: With the seal of approval, creating trust

Trustworthy payment methods mean recurring sales by repeat customers and regular customers. FlexiPay Rate guarantees a maximum of trust to your customers. All required quality criteria such as integrated buyer protection, increased data protection regulations and the money-back guarantee in case of wrong or non-delivery are fulfilled by the payment method.

  • Online seals of approval for confidence building and sales promotion
  • Buyer seal by Händlerbund
  • Certified payment method
No legitimation procedure necessary for instalment purchases
No legitimation procedure necessary for instalment purchases

The legitimation by the customer in the normal instalment purchase is often cumbersome and inconvenient. With FlexiPay Rate® the legitimation takes place in real-time and in the background. An additional legitimation procedure is not necessary and significantly simplifies the customer experience.

  • No Postident procedure necessary
  • Real-time legitimacy in the background
  • High standard for security and user-friendliness
Easy integration: Quick connection to your online shop
Easy integration: Quick connection to your online shop

With the simple integration into your online shop you save yourself the trouble of complicated programming. We take care of the connection of the installment plan option and enable you a seamless white label integration - without third party providers. The customer stays with you.


  • Simple and uncomplicated connection without necessary programming knowledge
  • White Label Integration: The customer stays with you
  • Extensive documentation for an optimal start

Instalment purchase - one of the most popular payment methods in Germany

Indispensable for German e-commerce.

Whether e-commerce, m-commerce or point of sale, whether B2B or B2C - every merchant knows the problem: buyers expect the perfect range of payment methods.

Installment purchase is one of the most interesting and convenient payment methods in Germany. Completely new customer and turnover potentials of your shop can be opened up with it. Especially shopping baskets with a volume of 400 Euro or more are preferred by customers to pay in instalments. The convenient payment by instalments is very popular among Germans and a decisive buying motive. Around 25% of the largest online shops in Germany already offer instalment buying.

On the international market, payment by instalments is also of crucial importance. Top companies such as Amazon, for example, give their customers the option of paying for purchases made in instalments.

With FlexiPay Rate® heidelpay guarantees you a competitive advantage oriented on customer wishes as well as an important marketing instrument.
In addition to FlexiPay Invoice® and FlexiPay Debit®, heidelpay also offers instalment purchases with payment guarantee. Also with FlexiPay Instalment® we act exclusively as a white label solution in the background.

FlexiPay Instalment®

Use the white label solution of heidelpay and enable your customers to pay by installment. Without risk!

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