FlexiPay Debit® -
the secure procedure
from heidelpay

Recurring payment transactions with the secured debit

  •     Simple and cost-efficient payment method
  •     100% protection in the event of a payment default
  •     Simplified access to the European market
  •     White label integration
  •     Increase customer loyalty through regular use
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FlexiPay Debit® - convenient payment that works

Pay Europe-wide, optimise customer loyalty.

How debit with payment guarantee works

After the purchase, your customer provides his bank details and gives you a direct debit authorization. This authorization allows you as a merchant to instruct your bank to collect the requested money from the customer and to book it to your business account. A major advantage of direct debit is its availability in other European countries, as it can be used across borders within the entire SEPA payment area.  This means that your online shop records faster incoming payments, as you determine the time of payment and are therefore not dependent on the payment morale of your customers.

Problems usually occur when wrong bank details are given or your customer's account is not covered. Don't worry about this, because threatening payment defaults are 100% secured with FlexiPay Debit®.

FlexiPay® Verify&Pay RiskCheck - Intelligent credit and risk check

What is convenient and safe for your customers must remain calculable for you.

With FlexiPay® Verify&Pay you can integrate the secured purchase on account into your sales process without hesitation. The solution ensures that your customer is only offered payment options that match his credit rating. Our RiskCheck includes real-time checks of addresses, age and creditworthiness of online shoppers. This prevents potential purchase cancellations, which are common if the customer's chosen payment method is subsequently rejected due to a weak credit rating. Thus, conversion rate and customer satisfaction are constantly increased. On the basis of this credit check, we guarantee the payment and the time of payment is determined by you.

Connection of FlexiPay Debit® to your online shop

The connection of FlexiPay Debit® to your shop system is carried out in the form of a white label solution. This step prevents purchase cancellations during the checkout process and contributes to an increase in turnover and long-term customer loyalty.

Contact us to find out how you can use the combination of FlexiPay Debit®, FlexiPay® Payment Guarantee and FlexiPay® Verify&Pay for your shop.

FlexiPay Debit®

Your advantages with heidelpay

  • Increase in conversion rate, shopping cart values & sales
  • 100% protection against payment defaults
  • Range of payment methods matching the creditworthiness of the customer
  • Avoidance of media breaks thanks to white label integration
  • Seamless integration into the existing checkout process
  • With the heidelpay Intelligence Platform all transactions at a glance
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FlexiPay Debit® - This is what the solution from heidelpay offers you

Security for you and your customers: avoid payment defaults
Security for you and your customers: avoid payment defaults

To avoid possible payment defaults, it is possible to link the SEPA direct debit with the FlexiPay® payment guarantee or FlexiPay® factoring solutions. This ensures a steady cash flow and the necessary funds for your business.

  • 100% protection against payment defaults
  • Fast liquor
  • White Label Integration
Recurring use of debit authorisation
Recurring use of debit authorisation

Since the order for a recurring payment only needs to be placed once, you and your customers regularly save time for future debits. The uncomplicated possibility of collecting any amounts due without incurring additional fees continues to speak in favour of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.

  • Recurring use of debit authorisation
  • Time saving for you and your customers
  • Regular receipt of payment without additional fees

Direct debit - one of the most popular payment methods in Germany

Essential for the perfect payment mix.

Egal ob E-Commerce, M-Commerce oder Point of Sale, egal ob B2B oder B2C – jeder Händler kennt das Problem: Käufer erwarten das perfekte Angebot von Zahlungsarten.

Die Bezahlung per Lastschrift zählt neben dem Rechnungskauf und dem Ratenkauf zu den beliebtesten Zahlungsarten in Deutschland. Im Jahr 2015 wurden rund ein Drittel aller Onlinekäufe per Lastschriftverfahren, bezahlt*. Die Lastschrift bietet sowohl Ihnen als auch Ihren Kunden zahlreiche Vorteile. Für die Käufer ist die Bezahlung per Lastschrift einfach und komfortabel, für Sie als Händler hingegen besteht ein geringes Risiko.

* Quelle: Statista.de: „Anteil der genutzten Zahlverfahren bei Online-Käufen in Deutschland im Jahr 2015“

FlexiPay Debit®

Use the white label solution of heidelpay and enable your customers to pay by debit. Without risk!

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