Payment Solution for Online Marketplaces

The heidelpay Marketplace Solution is a highly functional platform for processing online marketplaces. Besides ZAG-compliant (ZAG - Payment Services Regulation Act) payment processing, our complete solution provides a range of useful additional components, which make the management of retailers and transactions as convenient as possible, such as the inclusion of new payment methods, the integration of new retailers, the processing of mixed shopping baskets, and the implementation of voucher models.

The system can be scaled to your individual requirements and provides optimum support in every company phase – it lets you outsource time-consuming processes and focus entirely on marketing your marketplace.

Over 200 marketplaces already use our solution at both a national as well as an international level. Find out more about the unique components or contact us for advice.

Marketplace Solution

    Payment processing

  •  Simple integration of all relevant payment methods
  •  Acceptance of payments from all EU member states
  •  Account management of the payment account
  •  Trouble-free handling of returns

   Mixed shopping baskets

  •  Shopping baskets with products from different retailers
  •  Straightforward partial credits and cancellations


  •  Integrated risk management with over 40 risk checks
  •  Real-time credit check  
  •  ZAG-compliant and PCI-DSS-certified solution
  •  Payment transactions via insolvency-protected trust accounts 


  •  Paperless onboarding using smartIDENT or videoIDENT
  •  Online portal (hCS) to register new retailers

   Commission payments

  •  Automatic commission payment based on predefined models
  •  Automatic settlement and disbursement to retailers  

    Voucher processing

  •  Provision of vouchers for end customers
  •  Issuance with or without the involvement of retailers

    Additional services

  •   Intelligence platform (hiP) for monitoring transactions
  •   Customisable reporting
  •   In-house support

Service Components in Detail

Easy set-up

The heidelpay Contract Stage (hCS), designed for maximum user-friendliness, maps the entire contract and activation process. New retailers are guided through the registration by a web wizard to ensure that they can easily complete the activation process. For you as an operator, the hCS provides a convenient opportunity to retain an overview of your retailers and easily manage the activation processes.

Mixed shopping baskets

It is often the case that shopping baskets with items from different providers are compiled in a marketplace. heidelpay enables these shopping baskets to be processed with a single payment process for the customer. All payment functions, such as partial credits, partial cancellation, etc., remain available.

Returns handling

The mapping of the transactions at the market place participant level means that returns are easy to process. The corresponding debtor functions are available via the hIP or API interface and can be individually managed by you as well as by the marketplace participant. In this respect, it makes no difference whether only part or the entire order is to be returned.

smartIdent | videoIdent

Retailer identification in accordance with ZAG was previously complex and tedious. But, the heidelpay smartIDENT procedure also optimises this process. Retailers can be identified in accordance with the ZAG/GWG requirements (GWG – Money Laundering Act), at both a domestic and international level, without media discontinuities. Retailers are only faced with a minimum effort and expense, without having to use onerous procedures, such as PostIDENT.

Commission settlement

The heidelpay Marketplace Solution lets you create individual commission models for specific retailers. Settlement takes place immediately upon disbursement of the revenue. This means that no invoicing or calculation is required by the marketplace operator.

Comprehensive Consulting

Before concluding a contract, we provide intensive advice on the optimum implementation of your business model. We want our solution to fully satisfy your requirements.

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