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FlexiPay Direct®

The new white label payment service: FlexiPay Direct® from heidelpay.
To pay your customer directly triggers a bank transfer during the checkout process of your online shop.

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FlexiPay Direct®: One payment method. Many advantages.


FlexiPay Direct® is a payment initiation service which online merchants can integrate into their online shop as a white label solution... The customer initiates a bank transfer directly during the checkout process after authenticating himself with his online banking access data and a TAN. FlexiPay Direct® checks in real time whether the customer has sufficient funds in his account. This is followed by confirmation of payment and direct debit to the customer's account.

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Start immediately:

  •  The white label payment initiation service can be integrated quickly and easily and requires no further adjustments.

Book in realtime:

  •  The service immediately checks whether a corresponding account coverage is available with the customer. In real time, the payment confirmation and the debit are made directly from the customer's account.

Guarantee safety:

  • Eassure yourself and your customers a comfortable and secure payment process. The customer authenticates himself with his online banking access data and the payment is authorized via his preferred TAN procedure. In this way, you effectively prevent fraud attempts and minimize payment defaults.

Acting future-proof:

  •  You already meet all requirements of PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Increase conversion rate:

  • Payment initiation services are already very well accepted by the population. Increase the conversion rate of your online shop with this uncomplicated service and maintain control over the customer experience.

FlexiPay Direct®

White Label Payment Trigger Service

  • Low, predictable and transparent fees
  • Direct confirmation of customer account coverage
  • Secure verification of customer bank account
  • Secure recurring payments based on initial payment process possible
  • Existing strong customer authentication
  • Optimized fraud prevention
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