Loyalty & subscription commerce

Ease regular payment transactions for your regular customers and reward their loyalty.

  • Subscription functions
  • Voucher tool
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Loyalty & subscription commerce

Loyalty Programs

Do you want to reward particularly loyal customers? No problem. You can easily manage vouchers for payments via our payment system. You can create different budgets for campaigns, from which vouchers for loyalty programs are financed. Your customers can enter their voucher codes easily and conveniently via the heidelpay payment mask.

Recurring payments

Subscription functions are enjoying increasing popularity in online shops. Our module allows you to securely and easily process recurring payments and subscriptions. The module contains a complete user management - from the creation of customer master data to the variable setting of debit rhythms and debit amounts.


At a glance

  • Master data management for merchants and customers
  • Status management: Tracking of overpayments and underpayments
  • Subscription management: Configuration of debit intervals, terms, prices etc.
  • Customer master management: Storage of payment relevant data
  • Integrated cancellation management
  • Management of coupon codes
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