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keeping track of transactions easily with the heidelpay Intelligence Platform.

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heidelpay Intelligence Platform

The heidelpay Intelligence Platform (hIP) provides you as a customer with an easy-to-use reports & analytics tool that gives you a complete overview of current and completed transactions at all times. 

The system can be used by all employees involved in the processing and monitoring of customer payments without pre-installation via the browser. 

Real time reporting
Real time reporting
hIP provides you with real time information on all transactions, payment methods and sales channels. The easy-to-use user interface allows you to easily and conveniently compile personalized reports that can be exported to all popular file formats for further processing.
  • All relevant information in real time
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Convenient creation of personalized reports
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In addition, hIP contains extensive search and filter functions to fully adapt the output of the data to your cognitive interest. This enables you, for example, to easily understand reasons for chargebacks, popular payment methods or the development of sales channels.
  • Extensive search and filter functions
  • Full transparency through simplified order overview
  • Simple optimization of your payment processes