Discover® Global Network

Discover® Global Network acceptance gives you revenue opportunities with over 150 million1 cardholders from around the world.

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Allow international visitors to pay with their preferred cards


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Your advantages with Discover® Global Network

1. Incremental Volume

  • 150M+ global cardholders1
  • 37% YOY volume growth2
  • $375+ billion in spend opportunity

2. Reach New Customers

  • Multiple card brands in one network
  • New incremental volume from domestic schemes
  • Dedicated sales and marketing teams to support your growth

3. Competitive Pricing

  • Consumer pricing competitive domestically and within the EU regulated countries
  • Simple fee structure
  • One acquiring agreement

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Allow your customers to pay by credit card. We take care of all technical and financial aspects of payment processing!

Strong Diners Club International & Discover Volume Growth in Germany from 2017 to 20183

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Signage drives sales

  • 62% of Discover Cardholders look for signage before paying4
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From ‘just looking’ to ‘just bought’

5 tips for driving in-store sales

Every time a customer leaves your store empty-handed, you’ve lost out on potential revenue.
These 5 easy tricks could mean the difference in getting shoppers to the cash register and
making that sale.

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1) Discover Global Network participant reporting and RBR-Global Cards Data and Forecast to 2023, 10/2018 
2) Internal DFS data Germany 2017 vs. 2018
3) Internal DFS data, previous-year comparison, 2017 vs. 2018
4) C+R Research Study with 3,000 Discover Cardholders, April 2018, commissioned by DFS Services LLC