Social commitment

As digitalization continues to progress, many situations take place online or via digital communication. The social, human component is decreasing more and more. In order to counter this general trend, we organise many joint activities that either take place in the individual teams or are generally initiated by the company management. For example, the christmas and summer parties are regarded as a tradition and bring the various departments together. These joint events strengthen the team spirit and create a sense of community.

For the summer evenings, all employees have a barbecue on the roof terrace at their disposal. Depending on availability, this can be used individually for birthday parties, special occasions or just as it is. Coffee and water will continue to be available free of charge to all employees.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. the strength of our workforce and passion are essential to our value chain. In order to meet the demands placed on ourselves and our customers, we invest a great deal in the further individual development of our employees. This means that every employee receives a tailor-made development plan. Attending workshops, events and training courses counts on the quality of our colleagues and ensures a high quality standard. Special further training measures for our debt collection employees are a special concern. They often function as psychologists in debt counselling. Debtors are often in an extreme situation, which our employees conscientiously take care of and offer assistance. This requires a high level of stress and sensitivity in psychological care. In order to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism here, our employees complete regular training and further training measures.


We work in an industry that requires a great deal of energy and digitisation. With the efforts to keep this business running, we are committed to treating environmental awareness with the same responsibility we have towards our customers.

The responsibility we have towards our customers goes hand in hand with our responsibility towards nature. Our business is based on long-term stability. Therefore, we see it as our duty and task to do our part for a healthy and sustainable environment.

We have moved the processes to the digital world as far as possible. Our offices are almost paperless. Contract signatures can be made digitally between the contracting parties. The documents are stored in digital folders. This means that both paper printouts and entire folder structures disappear from our working spaces.

When our subsidiary, UNIVERSUM Group, relocated its headquarters in 2017, the latest materials were also used. The ultra-modern company building does not require air conditioning. Cleverly networked ceiling modules cool the rooms in summer and heat them in winter. This building significantly improves the energy balance and achieves almost the gold standard of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) classification.

At the same time, the new premises have ideal traffic connections and can be reached by S-Bahn, subway and tram. This simple connection ensures that many employees switch to public transport and thus improve the CO2 balance.

We are also proud to be a partner in the #cleanffm campaign of the city of Frankfurt am Main. This is the cleanliness campaign of the city of Frankfurt and was launched in 2017 to make the Main metropolis an "even more beautiful and clean city". For this purpose, thousands of new waste bins were added to streets, squares and parks to increase the number of emptyings.  The grass-green containers now decorate almost the entire city and the area of application is to be expanded further.