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ZAG*-Compliant Processing of Marketplaces and Intermediation Platforms*

Online Marketplaces and intermediation platforms are becoming increasingly popular in domestic and international e-commerce. However, the processing of payments and managing of transactions are likely to pose difficulties due to their complexity.

heidelpay’s marketplace solution offers you a highly developed platform for your marketplace. Apart from offering ZAG-compliant payment processing, our solution also provides our extensive service components.

Focus completely on the marketing of your marketplace by letting us handle your time consuming tasks. More than 200 marketplaces, both domestically and internationally, have already trusted our solution. Learn more about our unique features or contact us for more information.

*Payment Services Oversight Act 

Keep it Simple

Easy and Convenient for Merchants and Operators

heidelpay’s marketplace solution offers an easy and convenient key to the complex undertaking of realizing and implementing a marketplace. Benefit from our experience of having successfully implemented more than 200 marketplaces!

Our modular system includes best-practice-solutions for virtually any application, such as activation of new payment methods, integration of new merchants and voucher models, or universal shopping carts. Our system adapts to your needs, wherefore we are able to offer you our best service at each stage in the process.

Advantages of heidelpay’s Solution

Unique Features of our Solution

Easy set-up due to hCS

heidelpay’s unique Contract Stage (hCS) offers you and your merchants access to an online platform that maps out your entire contracting and launch process. A web wizard will guide new merchants through the registration and launch process. hCS is a helpful tool for operators to keep an overview of their merchants and control launch processes.


Universal Shopping Carts

Manage universal shopping carts with heidelpay. Shoppers can add items from different vendors to a single shopping cart and are able to purchase all items with one payment transaction. All of heidelpay’s features remain available, including partial credit memo, partial cancellation etc.




In the past, identifying merchants according to ZAG (Payment Services Oversight Act) has been a difficult and lengthy process. But with heidelpay’s smartIDENT, merchants can now be identified domestically and internationally with only minimal effort and without the use of processes like Postident.




videoIDENT is a convenient process for merchants to be verified online. This method is quick and easy as it is location independent, yet AML compliant and held to the highest standards of security in regards to data protection.



Marketplace Solution - FEATURES

In addition to our regular risk management features, we offer the following services:

Payment Services

  • Integration of common payment methods
  • Processing of Europe-wide direct debits
  • Processing of universal shopping carts
  • Processing of partial credit memo and cancellation
  • Settlement of revenue according to specifications (net sales / shipping / etc.)
  • Commission settlement
  • Create any number of condition models for participants
  • Account management of payment accounts

Management Services

  • Online platform for registration of new merchants
  • 24 hour launch process for quicker integration of merchants
  • Intelligence platform for analysis and monitoring of transactions
  • Customizable reporting
  • In-house support 


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Heidelpay, the omnichannel-payment-solution of Heidelberger Payment GmbH provides a full-featured payment for e-commerce, m-commerce, POS, MOTO, marketplaces and additional channels of distribution. As an international payment institution, authorized and regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin register 122914) we provide unique services with the highest commitment to safety. For more than 13 years, we have successfully realized projects of online and stationary retailers and thus we currently coach more than 14.500 customers in many different industrial sectors worldwide.

Our mission is to create a secure and user-friendly payment process for both retailers and final customers. Our modules were created with a focus on user-friendliness and easy integration. This includes in-house support during and after integration.